I had the opportunity to see one at an event in Toronto last summer. What a ridiculous machine. Though I think that I hyped up the idea of Pagani so much in my mind that it was a bit like the whole 'never meet your heroes' thing and it didn't quite live up to my fantasy. But I think that probably says more about me… » 5/20/14 4:40pm 5/20/14 4:40pm

Porsche Panamera: Big, Brutish, And Beautiful

Our parents lied to us. From a young age they attempted to indoctrinate us with the idea that beauty exists only within and that book covers are untrustworthy fiends. And then we grew up and realized that we live in a superficial, shallow, surface-level, judgmental world and perhaps the only thing that our culture is… » 1/14/14 3:02pm 1/14/14 3:02pm

My Martini Does 185

History. Heritage. Nostalgia. Such terms can be found on the pages of glossy marketing brochures or ostentatiously blaring from the podium at Barrett-Jackson. Yet when it comes to the driving experience are these terms relevant? With an opportunity to drive a unique 2007 Porsche Carrera S, I attempted to find out. » 7/12/13 9:54am 7/12/13 9:54am

A Driver's Manifesto: In Defence Of Manual

A spectre is haunting the automotive universe - it is the spectre of the paddle-shifted gearbox. All the powers of the industry have entered into an alliance to bring the downfall of the traditional manual transmission. It is our duty, as drivers, to halt the destruction of true driving enjoyment and to rise against… » 4/15/13 11:10am 4/15/13 11:10am